Basics of christian living

Basics of Christian Living

Welcome to the basics!!!!  This is a great place to start!!!  We recogize that there are questions that you have had about the Christian life but have never asked.  Our hope is that our Foundations of Christian Living class will answer your questions.  If it does not, it is the safe place to ask anyway.  We are so pleased to help you start your journey to build a powerful life in Christ.

Basics of the Kingdom

You might have heard of the Kingdom of Heaven but have no idea what it is.  You will learn what the Kingdom is and who you are in it.

Basic Identity

You will learn the basics of who you are and God's purposes for you and humanity.

Basic Disciplines

There are essential disciplines that Christians should practice enriching their walk with Christ.  You will learn them as well as understanding that these disciplines do not determine our relationship with Christ, but they help us know Him better.

Basic Spiritual Laws

Understanding the basic spiritual laws that operate in our world will position you to best engage the Kingdom and the world to live a life of victory.